Larry S Willys Overland Jeepster

Jeepster with an Older Lady

I brought a 1948 Willy's Jeepster and restored the body and interior to orginal. I had to have a custom frame made for the new 400 Hp Mopar engine. New tires and wheels to make it safe. Plus a custom front end for comfort and safety for dring. In other words it is a hot rod that looks orginal until it is started. We had stopped for gas. I was inside the convience store waitng to pay. Due to the volume, people were waiting in line to get gas. My wife enters into HER car,starts it up. It rumbles due to the cam and other chages in the motor. She moves to a parking space. A man who was filling up his car goes running after her. I see this and go ouside to see what is wrong. This man when my wife stops states, "Does your husband know that you are driving his car." The look on on her face was priceless. She quickly tells him in no uncertain terms that this is her car, and she drives it any where! She then guns the car to let him know it is her car. The man returns to his car shaking his head as others that know her are laughing like crazy. I wonder if this man has asked any other lady the same question?

Yes folks there are ladies that own Hot Rods.

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