Erik H

Its not a car, ITS FAMILY!!

I started dating my wife the day I bought my first car a 1973 AMC Javelin AMX, Its been 19 years now.

My most favorite memories are the ones we are making now with our 2 young boys.

Parker just turned 2 and calls our car the race car because its loud, who had to push his little car out for a picture with dads car. And Tyler 9 months Kicks and screams whenever he sees her, Tyler is the only one who will ever be aloud to drool in or on the car.

I grew up loving old cars, mostly muscle cars and I am one proud Dad to be able to pass my passion for the cars to my boys, just like my dad and Grandpa Tom did for me.

This may just be another AMC or just a car to the majority, but for our family its one of us. Our Javelin will some day be a family project when we restore her to new condition. My boys when its time will learn how to drive it. Then one day it will be handed down to them.

Thank you for reading our little story,

The Haveman Family,

Erik, Dawn, Parker, and Tyler

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