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Although we have had our E-Type for many years and enjoyed every year of ownership, the most memorable occasion was when after two years my wife and I labored to totally restore the car to back to as new and everything worked as if it were new. But that is only half of the story. The car had been sitting in our hangar for several years and really in need of tender loving care. It would hardly run and nothing worked as it should. When we first started I really felt that I could give it a good tune-up, new paint and interior and we would be back on the road. Only good sense would prevail when we got started. The more I removed the more I found that needed repairing, replacing or overhauling. Finally we decided to not cut corners and go (as the term fits) balls out. This meant totally gutting the car including all components and wiring. This was when I discovered some rust that shouldn't have been; but was. So with the aide of the suppliers, I ordered as much sheet metal as needed for the floors and tunnel to return the shell to as near new as possible. Fortunately I have the welding equipment and skill to make the repairs. If I had to hire all the work done it would probably be more than I would have wanted to invest.

To make a long story short, we ended up priming and painted the car inside and out. We replaced all the wiring, ordered new replacement gages, fuse blocks and switches, overhauled every component on the car including the engine, transmission and rear end. Since we had gone that far, we might as well order ne wire wheels as well which we did. With all the mechanical out of the way we finished it off with a new blue top and interior. Fortunately again I was able to do all the work and even then we spent a small fortune, but in essence we now have a new 1970 E-Type.

To make the story even more rewarding is we showed the car last year in several JCNA Concours D' Elegance and took 1st place in all shows and finished out the year with a perfect score in each event which gave us the National Championship in Class.

Now not only do we have a very reliable E-Type, we are also very proud when many people give us a thumbs up as we enjoy driving the car knowing it was something we did together. For the record, my wife is 71 and I'm 76. Now you can understand our enjoyment maybe a little better

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