Cindy B 1957 Pontiac Super Chief Catalina 2dr Coupe

It Got Away, But, Then...!

In 1967, when I was a Sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, I bought my first car - a 1957 Pontiac Super Chief for $250.00! My then-boyfriend, Augie, found the car and told me it was a good buy.

Augie was in the Navy and borrowed the car to return to the base three states away from Pennsylvania. When he returned to Greensburg six weeks later, he returned WITHOUT my car. I asked him, "Where is my car?" He answered, "It broke down, so we left it at the side of the road." I exclaimed, "You left my car at the side of the road?!?" He said, "There was no fixing it." I asked, "And, you became a mechanic WHEN?" I said, "With all the guys you know in the service, you couldn't find a barn or garage to keep it in until we could get it fixed?" He answered, "I didn't think of that."

So, I left HIM at the side of the road!

Life went on and in about 2000, I decided I wanted another 1957 Pontiac Super Chief, so I began searching on-line and found one in Texas in 2005. YES, it took me five years to find one that wasn't a total wreck.

I was living in North Carolina then and told my current boyfriend, David, about the Super Chief in Texas. We made the trip to Dallas to see and test drive the car. David, who is an auto mechanic - and the main reason I could even consider buying an old car - said it was worth the asking price, so we bought it. We rented a trailer, hitched it to our van, and drove back to North Carolina with the Super Chief on the trailer.

We had three offers to buy the Super Chief during our return trip!

A few months after buying the Super Chief, replacing the worn tires with Coker wide-wall whites, and adding a litter box and a tissue dispenser, and cruising all around the Raleigh area, I called Augie and said to him, "Guess what I bought." He said, "I have no idea." I answered, "A 1957 Pontiac Super Chief, and you're not riding in it!" He congratulated me and said, "I never should have left your car at the side of the road! I've learned to treat other people's things as well as I treat my own - and I have you to thank for that important life lesson!"

David and I love to cruise in the Super Chief and to talk to people who've never seen or heard of a Super Chief. Our car is a great conversation starter and my very favorite investment!"

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