Gilbert C 1979 Alfa Romeo Valoce

Inspiration From The Motion Picture The Graduate!

It all began with being front and center in a movie theatre in 1966 watching the Graduate with Dustin Hoffman and Ann Bancroft. Loved the sound track of Simon and Garfunkel but was really intrigued with that 1966 Alfa Romeo Duetto!

It was the Vibrato of those Weber carburetors and the racing Pininfararina design in Italian racing red that left an everlasting impression on me. It was in the late 90's when a friend had came across a 1979 Alfa Romeo Veloce in someone's garage that was possibly for sale. Well I went over there and had encouraged the sale for a sum of $3500. It was one of those apprehensive sales that need a smile and plenty of assurance that I would treat the car with my utmost care. This car was in great condition with low mileage, just needed a little tune up. It had the Spica fuel injection system on it that seemed ok when everything was working. I had the failure of an oxygen sensor which made the car run on a rich mixture of gas and oxygen. I remember trying to start the car one morning and my neighbor came running with alarm that I had almost set the garbage on fire. This was a very expensive part to replace, so I took the car to Leny's AutoMega where he had removed the system and installed Weber carburetors,changed the manifold and ported and polished the valves.I was really happy with the results as I had that throaty carburetor sound that I was familiar with from the movie. This is the system the car was born with. I remember driving home when a neighbor had called out to me, asked if I was between 40 and 50. He thought I had the mid life crazy's ! Anyway, I encourage people to follow their dreams! Happy Alfa owner!

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