Tim S

In the Good Ole Days

From the time I could first remember anything I remember my dad’s 1957 green and white 2 door Ford Fairlane. She rode low in the rear with long white fender skirts. She was beautiful and dad kept her looking good. From the time I could walk when we went anywhere I stood in the seat right by my dad and watched every move he made. It wasn’t the safest place to be but in the late 50’s it wasn’t that unusual. When I grew too tall to stand in the seat I moved to the hump in the floor behind the front seat. As I got older I watched and help my Dad change brakes, rebuild wheel cylinders, bleed brakes, change plugs and points and anything else that was done to that car. I learned a lot from my Dad and that car. Also during that time my Mom would grease my hair down when we went places especially to church every Sunday. When my Dad finally parted with that car it still had a big greasy spot in the headliner where I stood with my Dad. We miss that car.

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