Terry H 1967 Chevelle SS396

I waited a long time!

Through the years I've had some nice cars, 57' Chevy Bel Aire, 64' Chevy Impala SS, and 71' Chevy Malibu. None would classify as a real muscle car, which I always wanted. As life goes, school, marriage, children, college for the kids, work, and bills always kept me from my dream.

I was very fortunate to work almost 20 years for a very generous company. After retirement, with the kids gone, all the bills paid, and a nice nest, I was able to think again about my muscle car. I always believed the true image of the muscle car, was the 66' or 67' Chevelle SS396. In the Spring of 2013, my dream came true, I found a very nice 1967 Chevelle SS396, 4 speed. Even though it is a clone, she is a very clean and correct car. I bought her as a driver and do not consider her a "show" car. However, we do love the car shows and surprisingly she has done very well in the participant and spectator judging arena. We have even won "Best of Show" at one of the smaller shows.

Someday the car will find its way to my son's garage and now that we have a grandson, hopefully to his someday. So, as my title goes......"I waited a long time", but it was definitely worth it!!!!!

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