Dan W 1964 Ford Thunderbird 2dr Coupe

I new SHE was a keeper

It all started when I took my 14 yr old girlfriend to the High School Homecoming dance(I was 16). We sat at a table where a 19 yr old past student was back to take his younger date to the dance. I casually asked him if he still had that old '64 Bird he used to drive in High School. He said yes, but not for long, he said the junkyard man was coming the following week to drag it out of his parents backyard as it didn't run anymore and it was against city ordinance. He said i could have it for $25 if i could get it out before the junk man got it. luckily I got it first, got it home and started working on it. My girlfriend would come by and ask what we were going to do that day, and i always told her that I was going to work on the Bird and that if she wanted to spend time with me she could help, which she did every time. That was 38 years ago, 4 kids and 32 yrs of marriage later, I knew I had a keeper. I still have her and I still have my bird. I could never part it, too many sentimental memories made with it and her, Homecomings, Proms, Weddings, I'll never get rid of my first Car or my First girlfriend.

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