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I Finally Own The Car That Started It All For Me.

It all started back when I was a kid. My best friends dad purchased this 69 Mach 1 in California and drove it back to New York the year was 1978. I remember my friends dad Rich picking him up from Sunday school in the Mach 1 like it was yesterday. That car

Looked so cool rolling down the street to this eleven year old kid.

As the years went on we would go out with Rich in Mach 1. I would just sit in the back seat and take in the whole experience the wind blowing in the winds the sound of the engine and Rich hammering the car through the gears. One of the most memorable rides was Rich turning a corner and hitting the gas and going through the gears to the top of a hill snapping us back in our seats. That did it for me I was destined to own my own Mach 1.

As soon as I could afford a car it was a Mach 1. Not Rich's 390 close ratio 4 speed, but a has base model 351 automatic. It was a cool first car which I sold and moved on with life, but not without always having a mustang in my possession since I was 16 years old. I have owned 60' mustangs, foxbody mustangs as well as the newest being a 03 GT. Even after owning all these cars I always had Rich's Mach 1 on my mind.

Now for the last ten years or so I would talk to Rich and inquire about the Mach 1 as well as express my interest in buying the car. Rich always told me if he was to ever sell the car He would let me know. About a year and a half ago I decided I needed to fulfill my Mach 1 desire. I gave a Rich a call and told him I was in the market for a mustang. Rich sounded excited and asked me what I was looking for. I told him a Mach 1, but not just any Mach 1. I wanted to buy his and I was serious. Rich asked me to give him some time to think it over. One month later we talked and he said that his wife and him came to a decision that they would sell the Mach 1 and only to me.

Well it took about ten months for Rich to let it go. It was a long ten months. I had not seen the car since the 90's. Rich had moved to another state in the 80's. The car sat for many years with life getting in the way of Rich and his white Mach 1. I remember a lot of details about the cars condition to Rich' surprise. He'll I was a kid obsessed with this car. Rich had forewarned me that the car has not run in years and it needed some TLC. Well the day finally came in the fall of 2013 Rich pulled up to my house pulling a trailer with the car I had dreamed of since I was eleven years old. Now thirty five years later at the age of 46 I finally was going to own the car that started it all for me Rich's 69 Mach 1. I had not seen the car for years and that trailer was like a big gift box and I was that little anxious kid waiting to open it. Rich open the door and there it was looking like a barn find. My job now was to get it back to its former glory.

Well Rich rolled it out and we put it away in its new home. It did not take much to get it cleaned up and back on the road. Just some TLC mechanics and a lot of cleaning. It has 74,000 original miles, original numbers matching drive train original interior and a lot of original paint on it. It has zero rust and has never been in a collision. I still consider it Rich's car even though I own it. Do not worry Rich still owns another Mach 1 a 69 428 that he purchased in 1969.

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