joseph m 1978 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am 2dr Coupe

How did you know it was on fire!???

I had just met my future wife a few weeks earlier. Our first outing I asked her to follow me in another car on the way to the big car swap meet in Iola Wisconsin. We were going along the freeway at about 70 mph and I suddenly pulled off the pavement onto the sholder. She pulled in behind me while I frantically ran to the front of the car throwing open the hood and then slapping the burning vacuum hose with a rag to put out the fire. My wife had pulled in behind me and came walking along side the car excited asking "what's wrong?", I yelled "the car is on fire, ok, now it's out! We can continue now." She asked "How did you know it was on fire?" I told her, "I could see flames passing under the car through the hole in the floor on the passenger side!"

That is why I was going to Iola, to find new floor pans, but since the car had been sitting for 5 years things had gotten worse than I realised. But I did find a new set of pans and a body shop guy did a splendid job installing them, all's well that ends well!

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