Chris b 1972 Volkswagen Super Beetle 2dr Convertible

Herbie - The smile mobile

We purchased "Herbie" from a friend who had originally purchased the vehicle while stationed in Germany and shipped him to Vancouver Canada where Herbie lived for a number of years until parking space costs became problematic for his then owners. Herbie, who was modified with Porsche leather racing seats, VDO instrumentation, a kick ass stereo system and a complete leather interior, was sold to my wife and I for a very modest price and the commitment that we would give him a loving home. Herbie was loaded on a rail car and shipped to us in Ottawa, Ontario Canada where we began our love affair with the car that makes people smile! The true beauty of this classic Volkswagen is that he really does make people smile.....from two year olds crossing the street with their mothers to 80 year old grandmothers/fathers who have most likely had one kind of memorable experience or another with this classic vehicle to owners of BMW's and Porsches who also have had some type of positive memory related to a time gone by and travel in a bug. Herbie has travelled with us from Ottawa Canada to Denver Colorado to Calgary Alberta where he continues to draw long smiles, thumbs up and genuine happiness from the people walking down the street or stopped beside him at a red light. We love our beetle with the purple top it seems...does most everyone else who sees him.

Chris Brown & Jan Wood

Calgary Alberta Canada

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