Ben S 1953 Austin-Healey 100-4 BN1 2dr Roadster

Healey, rain, and no top.

My first classic was a '53 Healey Lemans BN1. The person who owned it before me, had rolled it and the car was In bad condition. Windshield frame torn off, steering wheel bent, top frame gone, and no side curtains. I straightened and filled all the aluminum panels, gave it a good coat of British Racing Green, and replaced the steering wheel, and windshield. Even though it wasn't done, I wanted to drive it to the sports car races at Cumberland, Maryland. There were three of us, and my friend David, the smallest, rode on the padded arm rest which was on the transmission hump. This was in 1966 and no seat belts at all. We started out in good weather, but entered rain near Cumberland. As long as we were at speed, the rain went over us. But when we got to the city, and in stop and go traffic, we were getting wet! David had brought a large umbrella, and opened it as we drove slowely through the city. The response and looks we received from the people who had gathered to watch the sports cars coming to town, were some of the most funny I had ever heard, or seen. The same when we got to the airport where the race was held. Only in a British car would one use an umbrella to keep dry from the rain.

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