Adrien P 1993 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Coupe

Having a friend with connections

Those of us old enough to remember, know that the new auto models previewed in the fall of each year. Back in the day, dealers hid the new models from the public. You didn't get to see the new models until preview day. Preview day was a big deal for the dealerships back then.

Luckily I had a childhood friend who's father owned a Chevrolet dealership in my home town.

I can remember when the new models started arriving in late summer. My friends father would store them in a large building that he own on his personal property. All the windows in this building were blacked out. No one was going to see them until preview day.

Being the friend of the owner's son gave me the privilege of being allowed to be there when the new models were unloaded and placed in storage. We stood there and watched the handlers unload their precious cargo. We would stare at the cars and chat about how "cool" they looked, and how fast they most be. I can't tell you how important is was knowing what the new models looked like, and what new colors where being introduced that particular year.

I still have a love affair with Chevrolet to this day. I currently own an all original red on red 1993 Corvette Coupe with 15000 original miles. It's unfortunate that I no longer reside in that state.

I would love to take a photo of my Corvette in front of that old storage building, which still stands today.

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