Richard I

Hair a Blaze

Summers in upstate New York were filled with great rides and two in particular stay with me. The first was with my Mom who used to drive the B around Cooperstown to the market, around Otsego Lake top down ,hair flowing with the wind, occasionally at night on well paved country roads enroute to see a performance of local theatre. I was driving w/ her top down on a cool eve with two other cars joining the caravan,and we were middle car and she turned to me and said " give Em a go.." That was all I needed to hear. At the first straightaway I floored the struggling 4 cyl.which had been tuned by my Moms brother Theo a like minded Aussie. I spurted out ahead and stayed there all the way to the Theatre front door. Mom was smiling ear to ear. I felt like I was zipping along at a good clip but that was more the sound from the Revs than my actual ground speed which barely broke 60

The second was as a passenger enroute to summer school in Oneonta in Larry Walls' British Racing Green Austin Healy Mk III convertible. 5 mornings for a month. What a Blast!! Top down, good lads abeam with fun in the sun!! I always will love that car!!

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