Michael V 1985 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Coupe

Had a choice, Picked comfort over desire

In 1989 I just had my first daughter and was searching for a nice Corvette to ease the transition from man to dad. I looked for several months and the time came when I had the opportunity to purchase one of two Corvettes that a friend of mine had located though his dealership. Let me preface this by saying a 1963 split window was my favorite Corvette ever and one of my choices was a 1963 the other a 1985 which became mine. The 1963 was ermine white, blue interior, factory three speed was included with the car but it had a 1964 four speed installed for better drivability. It had factory knock offs and 78,000 miles. The body had some spider cracks and the interior could use new seat covers and carpet. Needed a little work but easily restorable to great condition. The 1985 had 28,000 miles an aftermarket stereo and an automatic. Well I made the mistake of driving both of them and the 1963 was noisier, warmer, and didn't handle as well. Duh it was a 1963. The 1985 was more comfortable, handled awesome for the decade, and I went with that one. The prices were virtually the same for both cars so why wouldn't you go with something 22 years newer right. Well as you can probably figure out I have been kicking myself for nearly 25 years. My dream would have been to have that 1963 with fresh paint and interior and had something worth a ton of money now. Damn comfort got in the way of following the dream. I still own the 1985 and it still only has 52,000 miles on it. Still handles well and is fun to have but for an investment are rarity factor I should have followed my heart.

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