Scott S 1962 Chevrolet Corvair Monza 2dr Club Coupe

Grandpa's old Corvair mmakes road trips fun!

I grew up with my grandpa's 1962 Canadian built Corvair Monza car, it was like an old reliable horse. I have fond memories as a kid driving with him to the mountains and going to an old soda parlor for root beer or ice cream.

I used to drive the corvair to high school and he gave it to me since I wouldn't let him sell the vair for $800. It always looked like brand new.

So I have kept the corvair and won't ever sell it since why would money part you with a sentimental vehicle that we still drive?

I embarked on a solo road trip in the summer of 2011 to the corvair convention in Denver Colorado from San Diego California. I thought I was ready as I had swapped heads and fixed the corvair up quite a bit, but by the time I made it into Arizona there was some wheel noise that would come and go. Sounded like something metal rubbing. By the time I left New Mexico and got into Colorado it was a loud grinding sound. I stopped in Walsenburg Colorado since I was afraid the wheel would fall off. Towing it to Denver would cost over $600. I considered taking the bus and leaving the corvair there. Then I called my corvair club members with a trailer at the Denver convention and asked them to come save me. Luckily they hauled me to Denver, 150 miles for $80 in gas! So I got to show my corvair at the car show in Denver and I had a blast! I met so many friendly people from all over the country and we did some tailgating in the parking lot at night. I was lucky that I was able to make it to that convention! I bought a used axle for $20 and swapped it out easily at the parking lot before driving back home. The old axle had a ruined wheel bearing. They're sealed and non greasable.

After 50 years the grease inside dries out and quits lubricating.

The drive back home was beautiful, I went through Durango and the four corners territory or Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico. Some areas looked like you were traversing Mars. I suggest this drive if you like rivers and inner tubing! Also I went to the largest sand dune area in Colorado.

The ride back was a lot of fun except for tire trouble in Arizona. I ended up going to the Arizona Corvair Corral for another spare tire. Made it home safe and sound and we have Hagerty Insurance!

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