Tom E 1965 Plymouth Fury II 2dr Sedan

Grandma's car

In 2005 I was looking to get on the Mopar band-wagon before prices got even more rediculous than they already were. Knowing how crazy and off-the-wall some of Chryslers products were in those early years, I went on the Hunt for something different. I came accross an ad for several Mopars for sale near the Lindsay area and decided to check it out. As i roamed the yard looking at what was for sale, I was awakened by the rumble of a big-block sedan. A beautiful off white 65 2-door Fury was sitting in the front-yard thumping away. The owner had just brought it home from New York that day and had just been off loaded. I decided to check it out and upon inspection noticed the 4-speed Hurst shifter on the floor. My thoughts were that no-way was this a factory original car and asked the owner as many questions as I could to figure out if this was original. "Sorry, the car is not for sale" he said. I paid no attention to his words and kept inspecting the car. The underside had a slight rust petina that easily wiped off with your hand. There were no holes, no dents no damage what-so-ever to the undercarrige. Wow I thought, even if its not factory original I had to have it. Remember, "Its not for sale" His wife then appeared and asked her husband if he had sold me anything yet. He said no and in frustration she entered the house and slammed the front door behind her. Oh boy he though, this is not good, I better sell something. Well it took about 1-1/2 hours to convince him to sell me the Fury and a deal was reached. Off to the bank to get some cash to seal the deal. I returned two days later with my car hauler at 7am in the morning and found the owner sitting in the car with this fore-lorn look on his face. Beside him was a box full of NOS parts and all the vehicles documentation, two build sheets and service bills dating back to the late 60's. Tom, he said. I have made a huge mistake. He was almost in tears. I really felt sorry for him, but a deals a deal. I loaded the car and headed for home. I was greeted by my two sons and they both laughed as I unloaded my new prize. The rally wheels look great, but fender skirts? What would possess you to buy a "Grandma's car they said? Well, lets go for a ride in Grandmas car. With both kids in the car we took off down some back roads to get a feel for the steering and the single master cylinder brake system. On our return home it was time to stretch her legs. As I went through the gear-box with my foot floored in every gear, their faces quickly changed from laughing to pure angst. The roar of the 4-barrel and the sound of the dual glass packs and the sweep of the large speedometer had assured these two that this was not a "Grandmas" car. As we coasted into the driveway and cut the motor, the two boys were very quiet wearing a rather white complextion. Hows that for Grandmas car I said. From that day on, they both had great respect for their "old-mans" decision to purchase that car. A few years later in a weak moment I sold the Fury to a friend of mine in Montreal. Of the 50 plus cars that I have owned in my lifetime, this was the one I should have kept. If he ever decides to sell it, i have first rights to buy it back. My only worry, At what cost?

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