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Good Friends as A Patriotic Veteran

I still own my first Automobile. It's a 1940 Pontiac Torpedo 8. My grandfather bought it show room new from a dealership in 1940 in Tucson, Arizona. He paid $900 for it. This car has quite a long family history, I'll just hit a very highlights since I can't tell you it's 74 year story even though I have it all documented.

I'll begin by telling you that my parents were married in the car in 1941, in Tucson, Arizona hours before my father has to report for basic training in El paso Texas (as World War ll was anticipated for us in America at any moment). The entire time my father was in basic training, my mother, by herself, drove the car from a ranch 55 miles Southwest of Tucson to El Paso, Texas every week-end to be with my father on his days off. After Pearl Harbor, there was no reason to go to El Paso any more. So she drove the car from the ranch to Tucson every two weeks for supplies and mail for duration of the war (no quite 5 years) without a flat tire on all dirt roads, no pavement anywhere except a few streets in Tucson. I was taken home at the age of 3 days in this car.

After the war it still remained as a family car to this day! In 1958 I was legally allowed to drive this car to high school in Tucson. So I drove it all through high school. Where I met my beautiful bride of 50 years. We dated, graduated from high school, went to the University and married in 1964 in this car.

When Viet nam came along, I had to go so I put it in family storage. After returning (in one piece, thank

God) I took it out of storage and pressed into service once again.

In 1991, my parents celebrated their 50th anniversary in it at my ranch.

This year 2014, my beautiful bride of 50 years and I will be celebrating our 50 anniversary in this car. We plan to tour Arizona and maybe even take a trip to Alaska in my 1940 Pontiac Torpedo 8.

This is but "the tip of the iceberg" of this vehicle's history. I am writing a complete documentary of this incredible machine. It is still in original condition and is insured by Hagerty.

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