Steve L 1966 Ford Thunderbird 2dr Hardtop Town Coupe

Going fast & got caught

In 1972 I had a 66' T-Bird, I had just got my license in Maryland. I picked up 3 buddies and took that T-Bird out on the expressway outside of Catonsville, Md to see how fast it would go, the speedometer on those cars is a red line that moves from left to right, the speedometer went up to 120, I got that car up to 120 but after I did there was a car coming up fast in my rearview mirror, I got off the expressway and caught a red light, the car that caught up to me was a state trooper. He said he was doing well over 85 and still couldn't catch me, he lectured me for about half an hour on all the dangers of going that fast and my inexperience driving and let me go. He was right and that still sticks with me today.

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