Marilynn N 1986 Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe

George Strait Always Reminds Me of You!

My 1986 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe still resides in my garage. When she (aka Bunny) was six weeks old, George Strait lived down the street from us. Locals were used to the drill--go around the curve and don't run into George Strait's tour bus. My (now ex) significant other was in the military and came home for Christmas. He wanted to drive Bunny, but he was unfamiliar with that five-speed transmission. He was struggling with the gearing and forgot the rule about the curve. He came within inches of putting my precious Bunny right in the back of that very large bus. To this day, 29 years later, when I tell Bunny to rise and shine each morning, she pops her right headlight out from under her blankee and says "George Strait always reminds me of you."

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