Steven S 1935 Packard Twelve-Series 1208 4dr Convertible Sedan

Gangsta Pic on a Railroad Tressel

The year is 1967, and I have just taken my first antique, a '26 Model T Tudor to Stillwater OK for our sophomore year at Oklahoma State University.

I have spent two years on this project, taking a rust-bucket $200 salvage yard purchase to essentially a full-restoration. The car is logged-in at OSU to carry the football team pom-pon girls in the fall Homecoming parade.

Some of the guys in my dorm think we should go down to the local thrift store, purchase some zuit-suits, dress-up like 30's-era gangsters, buy some plastic machine gun-style water pistols, and go out, shoot pictures of us all gathered up around the car situated on a conspicuous railroad trestle bridge north of Stillwater.

Same we do on a cold, cloudy October Saturday afternoon. Driving any car, even a Model T Ford, over railroad ties out to the center of a trestle bridge is a deliberate and time consuming effort. We are situated dead-center out on this bridge, with a photographer down in the ravine shooting pictures of us up at elevation, when the down-track spotter shouts up the way, "TRAIN COMING!!!:"

I desperately yell at one of the guys to give me a crank, and proceed to likely set a land speed record humping the Model T forward and off of the tracks.

After we have gotten past the bridge and off the track--and not seeing a train at all--some questions are forthcoming for the spotter. He replies "it was just a practical joke, but you guys were making so much racket afterwards shouting and cursing that you couldn't hear me calling off the dogs."

The spotter got his head plunged in a restroom commode, once we were back to the dorm.

-Steve S.

(p: as a testament to Henry Ford's Vanadium Steel axles and chassis', notably none of the up-down, start-stop bucking over railroad ties broke or disabled anything on the auto!)

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    Landon S. United States August 20, 2014 at 06:08
    Interesting... Don't cry wolf everyone, or else you are going to get your head "stuffed in a DORM COMMODE" by this guy!

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