Jeff P 1968 Ford Mustang 2dr Convertible

From one generation to the next

My dad bought this 1968 Mustang back in the mid 80's. It was the second one, as the first, a red Mustang, had massive floor board issues which he did not realize until after we had it for a few months. He was a car guy in the sense that he enjoyed them, but he did not work on them. I have many fond memories of cruising the neighborhood during the summer convertible weather.

Decades later, the car moved out to Arizona to stay in my garage. We used to joke it was the $50 dollar car, as every time I wanted to go for a cruise, it would cost me because something needed repair, but I never gave up on her! Since then, my dad has passed but his memory still lives on with me and "Sunshine", a nickname he used to call us all when he was in a great mood. So, it was only fitting that she took on the name.

Now almost 30 years, later my son and daughter, with a little nudging, are becoming enthusiasts and have helped me on several occasions to bring her back to her former glory. With my son's help and the assistance of many others, (thanks Spencer!), she is still a head turner that my son likes to borrow as much as he can when home from college. I am hoping that his recollections of our times together working on cars are long lasting and that he builds memories as he grows to have a family of his own in the future.

Thanks to those passions and memories, we now have 3 classics, the '68 Mustang Convertible - "Sunshine", a '57 Chevy custom wagon - Red, White and Blue flames on a white body "Betsy Ross" and a '70 Chevy C-10 - "Mo Purdy" that are all driven as much as we can, since the tradition of the $50 ride has extended to the other cars as well.

So a $50.00 gas card would go a long way:)

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