Napoleon V 1967 Austin-Healey 3000 Mk III BJ8 ph2 2dr Convertible

From Father to Sons

I am a father with 3 sons. I am not rich but we do ok. I know I won't have millions to leave my kids so I wanted to buy something I know I can pass on to them. We started with a 1971 MGB which my oldest son and I have restored. I remember when he was 14 and I told him he had to spend the weekend afternoon helping me rebuild the MGB's suspension, boy the look on his face. After joining the Navy and stationed in San Diego, he was able to see the classic car races in Coronado Island. Now, every time he comes home to visit, we take a ride in the B and that frown at 14 is now a big grin. It's a smile of pride and memories of working together with dad. No, the B will never be worth a million bucks, but the memories it has brought us is worth so much more.

For the 2nd son, we were lucky to get a 1967 Austin Healey 3000. I went all the way to Cleveland to purchase the car. When it arrived, we drove the car around. At that time he was only 6 but he was so excited to ride in it and spent a lot of time sitting and moving the wheel pretending to drive while dad works on the car. He now has a driver's permit. Time to teach him how to drive stick!

For the 3rd son......still looking!

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