Steve C 1969 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Coupe

Forgotten Corvette...

I was on a business trip to Calgary and having dinner with a colleague. We got talking about cars and he mentioned that he had bought a 1969 Corvette from a friend in 1981 with the intention of getting it repainted and having the engine rebuilt. Life happened and the car sat in his garage ever since after having reinstalled the rebuilt 427 and having stripped the paint from one front fender. He had lost interest in the car and suggested it was time to sell it. To make a long story short, we went to his house to view the car and it was mine after a short negotiation. Problem was the car was in Calgary and I live in Guelph, Ontario. When the snow had melted, my brother in law and I drove 40 hours non-stop to pickup the car and then drove straight back after a short rest in Calgary. The car is currently under restoration with using NOS and date code correct parts where possible. The engine is back together after a tear-down and inspection and replacement of anything questionable. The heads have now been done properly with new valves, seals and guides as the work done back in the 80's was not great. Next step is to remove the body from the frame so the frame can be refinished and the suspension rebuilt with new bushings, brakes, etc. The car is a barn find without the damage caused by being stored in a barn - it was stored in a nice dry garage for all those years so has no rust whatsoever.

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