Larry K 1949 Oldsmobile Futuramic 88 4dr Sedan

Fly away in a rocket 88

When I was twelve years old my Uncle Stan bought a new Olds 88. My dad and I were riding with him on a shopping trip and dad said to Stan, I hear this car is a real mover. Stan replied it is, and I'll show you. I was still short enough to stand up on the floor in the back seat and hold onto the fromt seat with my hands. We came to a traffic light on a very wide street in Chicago. (Western Ave}. When the light turned green Stan trompted on the gas pedal and the 88 did its thing. I was thrown back onto the back seat and was pinned there until he let off on the gas. I got to feel the force of the 303 rocket.

V8 I thought to myself, someday I'm going to own one of these. Fast forward to 2010. I found a 1950 Olds 88 for sale on E-bay. Jet Black with red wheels. It had been owned by the purchasing family for 52 years. No rust original factory paint, chrome, and interior with only 39000 original miles. I won the auction on the car and had it shipped to California where I live. When it arrived it was more then I expected. I have won seven trophys with it at car shows and really enjoy driving the car.

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