Henry P '34 Ford Coupe

Flashing Blue Lights

My wife and I had taken the '34 coupe for a drive one afternoon. It was getting late and we stopped for dinner at a local restaurant. It was a familiar place and we knew some of the regular

customers. I always position myself in the restaurant so I can see my car from a window. I noticed

several people looking my ride over as we enjoyed our meal.

When we finished our meal and walked to the car I noticed a few people gathered around the coupe. There was some polite banter and positive comments and as we started to leave, one guy

yelled out " Show us what it's got !". I couldn't resist the invitation to show off and I " Barked the Tires" in the parking lot. Of course I didn't speed but I did create some noise with that V8 engine and dual exhausts. Everyone laughed and I proceeded to the exit and as I stopped for cross traffic I saw flashing blue lights in my rear view mirror. I pulled over and cut the engine. I opened the suicide door and stepped out of the car and greeted a plain clothes Deputy Sheriff near the back of the car.

The deputy was friendly and after reading me the "riot act" about irresponsible behavior while operating a motor vehicle, let me go with only a verbal warning. As he walked back to his unmarked car he said " By the way, that's a damn nice car"! As we drove home I counted my blessings for not getting a ticket and having to pay a fine. Of course my wife had a good time laughing at me and reminding me that showing off has it's downside. I replied that it has it's upside too. "How is that ?" she asked.

The answer to her question and the moral to this story is as follows:

It was a Saturday night and I was with my Best Girl after a great meal and I got to see Flashing Blue Lights in the rear view mirror of my Hot rod and didn't get a ticket. To feel 18 years old again at 59 is Priceless.

Henry Pierce

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