Brian S 1937 Ford 1.5T Texaco Tanker

First time under its own power!!!

I found my 37 Ford on Ebay. It was from a field in Nebraska for 25+ yrs. It barely rolled. This would be my first rubber to roof build vehicle. I wanted to make a custom truck but not a screaming hot rod. I stripped the truck down to the frame and decided on the scheme. I had a few Texaco items and i loved the logo. I guess that is the beginning of an illness that I haven't found a cure for yet. I'm not looking for one either.

I wanted a truck that looked old but was reliable and easy to maintain. So, I powder coated the frame and anything that would sit still long enough in the oven. I started building up the frame w/ new suspension components and drivetrain. I found an excellent mechanic in Troy, MI for working on flatheads. He built it up for me. I was so anxious to see and hear it run. When he called and said it was done; I went to his shop. It had no body at all. I told him (Bill) that I wanted to drive it. It was January w/ snow on the ground. He had an old metal folding chair and some plywood to strap to the frame. I turned the key and it came to life. Grinning from ear to ear, I had to go for a spin. This is not your average pickup. It is 20' long and duallys in the rear. A radiator, engine and nothing else. Definitely not your average scene on a Michigan street in January.

I got it home and went to work. Body, paint, bed, wiring, tank, Texaco stuff. It got completed the following summer in time for Woodward. I now have a matching 50's Texaco uniform. I love going for a ride with the uniform and seeing the smiles on faces as people realize I am in uniform for the role. Trust your car to the man who wears the Star!!!

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