Jan Willi Garnaes J 1936-49 MG-T

First encounter with an early 19"-wheeled MG-T

I grew up northwest of Cincinnati in a typical small city of about 50,000, surrounded by farmland and with many factories in town and had seen MG-TD's on several occasions, probably passing through our city, on the way to or from Miami University in nearby Oxford, but had never seen the earlier T-series TC's, with larger wire wheels and more accentuated front fenders, until, that is, a summer-long visit to my old home town of Copenhagen, in the mid fifties. I was not yet old enough to drive but definitely caught-up in Hot Rods and British Sports Cars. My Mother and I had emigrated after the Danish occupation, in late '46 and wishing to fit in with American children, I did not want to keep speaking Danish, much to my Mother's dismay, so that when we arrived back in Denmark, I was unable to speak fluent Danish or understand much.

My mother was busy looking up old friends and relatives and this one day met up with an old girl friend in a Restaurant in Copenhagen, next to an old large water fountain. It was a three level building and you would enter up a a short flight of stairs to the second level, the first floor being half in the ground and half above. We were seated at a table to the right and near a window over-looking the fountain and the two lane street that wended it's way around it's base and was bisected by it. At least I would have something to look at while my Mother and her friend were catching up with the past 10 years.

It wasn't long before my view changed for the better; a red sports car pulled out of it;s lane and parked in the lee of the fountain as the roadway continued to the right and semi-circled it's base. I had never seen such a car, before, I was sure. What it was, I had no idea; it had very large wire wheels and large flowing front fenders with small doors cut at an angle that hinged from the back. The driver got out, on the right side and opened the large hood to access the engine, on the driver's side. I was wondering what could be the matter with it. I was smitten and intrigued and should have asked to be excused to go and get a better look, but thought he would be on his way, any second, but the repairs lasted almost as long as our long lunch. After an eternity, he closed the hood (Bonnet) and started up, then pulled back into traffic and was gone! It wasn't until years later that I found out this was an earlier model of MG. probably a TC, but could've been a TA or even a TB. It would be much later before I would happen upon my own 1936 MG-TA, in 1971, near my home, in Ohio, the seeds for which, had been planted so many tears, before, in a far-off country!

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