Charles F 1956 Mercury Montclair 2dr Hardtop Coupe

First drive in a new 56 Mercury

It was the summer of 56, I was 9 years old. My family was living in Pines Lake NJ. The young man down the street had purchased a Red and White Mercury Montclair. I thought it was the "Cats Meow" and I strolled down Algonquin Trail for a close up look. He was busy washing it and scrubbing the whitewall tires. As it had the optional fenderskirts getting all of the back ones was a problem. To my utter amazement he handed me the keys and asked me to "pull it up a bit" Not wanting to miss this opportunity I just nodded and remained silent as to my ignorance as to how exactly accomplish this feat. Keys in the ignition, trans in "N" turn key to the right as I'd seen my Dad do. Bravo the 312 cid Y Block jumped to life! Move selector to "D", step on gas and the Merc lunged forward necessitating an immediate stomp on the power brakes. Whoa OKAY that's enough he cried, and I turned the key off and stepped out. The next day at school I was a big hero recounting this story of laying a patch with a Merc!

And I guess that is why when I had the chance to purchase a 1956 Montclair in 2007, I just "had to have it"

Charles H. Farley

Greenville NC


Hagerty customer since 2009

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