Philip R 1956 Ford Thunderbird 2dr Convertible

First Ticket

17 yrs old had my license for 2 months, got my first ticket in my friend's Saturn Gold 1966 Mustang Convertible - 200 CID, 2 spd tranny.

From River Edge NJ, we went to Franklin NY in November that year to his summer cabin, staying over Saturday night. His father asked that we bring home a .22 rifle (no ammo) and a BB gun that was there in case someone broke in.

On the way home, up and down the hills of Rt 17 through the Catskills, the car began to show signs of impending doom. It started chugging as we ascended the steep inclines, loosing speed. My stratagey to make it home began to develop....go fast down the hill and then I could make it up the other side.

In case you missed it, I mentioned it was November. Car had NO heat, so we were wearing our coats, hats, gloves to stay warm.

We'll, a NY State Trooper observed "my stratagy" at the bottom of a steep hill and came after us. When we pulled over, the officer observed my friend lean over to get the registration out of his wallet and decided to search him, not knowing why he acted this way. Patted him down but missed the pocket knife, however he noticed the BB gun in the backseat. Checked the BB gun and asked us to place it in the trunk upon which he observed the .22 rifle. My friend was a fast talker and with no ammo, the officer did not go any further with these items.

By the time he got to writting the ticket for 70 in a 55 mph, we felt lucky that was the only enforcement he was taking. When we got to Mahwah NJ, almost home, we stopped to look over the car. Nothing obvious and he took over driving. Turns out, our third friend had set the points to wide, causing the issue. Once resolved, the car ran great, well for a 200/2spd.

As things go, car got sold - told you he was a fast talker -sold a convertible with no heat in January. Ha.

In the last 25 something years, I've travelled Rt 17 so many times always remembering that occasion.

Thanks for reading my story.

Phil R

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