Jason B 1966 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Convertible

First Taste of Freedom

My love affair with cars began early and was instilled by my father's same love. My greatest memories are of cruising with my dad in our 66 Corvette. It started back in 1983 my dad got the idea to buy a Corvette convertible and it had to be a mid year. We went to so many car shows that year and talked to so many people. We looked at a good number of Vettes before we finally found ours. It needed a full restore but was still driveable so we just worked on it along the way and enjoyed it as much as possible. This went on for six years and we had many great rides and times before i was to have my own memories with the Vette. The memory that i cherish the most though was when i got my first taste of freedom and was trusted to take the Vette or a ride myself. We had gone to a friend's house to visit and my dad was like go ahead take him for a ride. I had just gotten my official licnese and no longer needed an adult with me when i drove. I'll never forget that feeling of slipping behind the wheel and adjusting the seat. The feel of the teak wood as i wrapped my hand around it and how warm the shifter was from the sun beating down on it. My friend and i pulled out of his development and headed right for a park where everyone used to cruise through. As we were getting close to the park i turned on the radio and Don Henley's Boys of Summer came on. We cruised the park blasting the one little speaker as loud as it would go just loving life. That day was the first of many where i was entrusted to take the car out by myself. To his day when i hear that song it takes me back to that moment and still brings a tear to my eye! So many years later i took my daughter for her first ride in my 74 Corvette and as if by some strange twist of fate the first song on the radio was Boys of Summer although this time it was the cover by the Ataris. It was almost like a new generation for the next generation of car lovers in my family. The old 66 still sits in the garage but over time has faded from what it once was. Family and responsibilites have kept me away from it but soon i will restore it and once again relive those great moments that i had so long ago. It's always amazed me how much love one can have for something mechanical. But now when i think about it i don't think it's the car itself, but the memories and experiences that we have with it that become part of our very soul.

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