Lloyd R 1996 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Coupe

First Drive to Laguna Seca Monterey, CA

I always worked with my Dad in the Plumbing business for as long as I can remember, and had saved up until I turned 16 when I found the car of my dreams! A 1967 Marina Blue Corvette with a 427 and 4 speed, I asked my Dad to go take a look at it because he would have to co-sign for me. When we pulled up to the car lot he asked which one? I told him it was the blue one in the front row. He took his foot off the brake and said you'll kill yourself and drove off! I couldn't believe it I had a down payment in my pocket and he wouldn't help me out!!! Well he probably did me the biggest favor of my life, I would have killed myself and any one near, not to mention destroying a beautiful car. I had to settle for a 59 Triumph TR-3 that a neighbor had in his back yard, yeah I know a far cry from a Corvette, I drove the Hell out of that car till the cows came home. Fast forward a few years, a wife, house, 3- Beautiful children and finally bought my 96 and drove it to Laguna Seca to meet a group of Corvette gearheads for the Concours and vintage racing in Monterey. The drive up the coast was just what the doctor ordered. I've been working on it when I feel the need to relax and enjoy some free time. I won't sell it, just enjoy those occasional drive when the weather is good.

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