Ted D 1962 Chevrolet Bel Air 2dr Hardtop Coupe

First Car

i got my first car from my older brother - a 1962 chevy that had seen better days - the thought behind this car was i would drive this car for a little while and my dad would see that it probably wasn't safe and he would let me get something better. the car had two flaws - it liked to flunk out when you stepped on the accelerator and the drivers door hinges were broke off(brother was backing out of a narrow driveway and had the door open and struck a tree) i picked up the car in the early 70's in Dayton Ohio. At that time the intersection of I75 and Needmore Road was a traffic light. I pulled up first in line to turn north onto the interstate - the light turned green and i stepped on the accelerator - the car died instantly. since it was a very busy intersection my instinct kicked in to putting my finger in the carburetor under the hood. Well i forgot about the door hinges and the door layed out on the interstate as soon as i hit the door handle. So i lifted the hood and hit the butterfly in the carburetor then turned my attention to rolling the window down on the door and throw it in the backseat so i could get out of the intersection. I pulled into a gas station and put the door back on and took off. Where were the camera's back in the day - surely would have won 10,000.00 dollars on Funniest Video show !!!!!!

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