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Finding my dream car

Growing up on military bases throughout southern California you see a lot of nice cars but one car in particular made me drool. My best friends dad drove a car like non I had ever seen before, a 1967 Fastback that was candy apple red with black interior. When he wasn't looking, my friend and I would take turns sitting in the drivers seat pretending to drive. I knew then that some day I would have my very own Mustang Fastback. Fast forward 15 years. Through a strange series of events I ended up at a small car show in a field behind a fast food restaurant in Utah where I laid my eyes on my dream car once again. It was like I was transported back to my youth and I knew I had to have it. Unfortunately it was not for sale, BUT lady luck was smiling on me that day. The owner of the Fastback had another one that needed a total restoration and he was willing to sell it to someone who was willing to put it back on the road.

I took my dad, who had a 66 coupe in High School, with me to look at the car and he was not impressed. The Fastback was a mess. Half of the car was Maroon with cream race stripes and the other was primer grey. He knew that I was out of my depth the instant he looked at it. But I could see the potential this car had and once I sat behind the wheel and started the engine I knew I had to have it! There was no negotiations, I said "how much", he replied "$5,000". Without the need to negotiate I said " give me a week and you will have the money". I sold everything I owned and in the next few days I had the keys to my dream car in hand.

In the first 10 years of ownership a lot of life happened and I wasn't able to enjoy my dream car but the Fastback waited patiently. Then 3 years ago the stars aligned and I was able to really work on the car. The list is endless on what I have done to this car but I kept what is important original and had fun with the rest. I finished the resto-mod last month. It is not candy apple red with black interior as my friends dads, that car was his and will always have a special place in my heart. No this one is mine, the color is Brandy wine with ghost stripes and the interior is wrapped in tan leather - everything that could be wrapped is. I had the original 289 rebuilt and stroked, the c4 transmission has been rebuilt and a shift kit has been added.

Now I drive the car as much as I can with my wife in the passenger seat and four small children stuffed in the back.

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