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Find of a lifetimre

As an avid oldsmobile nut I had heard stories for several years of a very low mileage 56 olds four door sedan located some thirty miles from my hometown . Having been involved in the old car hobby for many years I really disregarded this story as one of many untrue stories I had heard over the years.Some two years later I happened to be in this town looking at another old car. Upon leaving I asked if anyone knew of any old Oldsmobiles in the area and I was told of an older lady that had one not far from where I was.. So not expecting much I proceeded to the address I was given and came upon an older house with a partially opened garage. Seeing the back bumper of the vechicle I realized that it was a 1956 olds.Excited now I rang the door bell and an elderly lady came to the door and informed that yes the car was for sale and that it previosly was owned by her deceased father who had purchased the car new from the local Olds dealer. As we entered the garage I was shown a 56 two door sedan in a dusty condition.Further inspection revealed what appeared to be four original tires one being flat. Looking inside was a pristine original interior, and an odemeter showing 9,852 miles. Well I thought it meant 100952 miles until I noticed the state inspection sticker from 1962 that showed the mileage as 9,412. Looking in the glove compartment I found all service records fom the local Olds dealer that confirmed that this was indeed a very low milage vehicle . The owner explained to me that her dad only took the car to church on Wednesday and Sunday and occasionally out for lunch with friends.After her fathers death the car was parked in the garage where it had sat untill now. Her dad had ordered the Olds without a radio or a side view mirror but did opt for back up lights and window washers.After quoting a price and no haggaling as I really wanted this car the deal was made. Two days later I bought the car back to my house. The car was started on the original points , plugs ect. If you can believe that. The gas tank was filled with red preservitive and after being drained and filled with fresh fuel It ran on the tank . One year later after much restoration of brakes, tires and all the usual stuff in getting a car going after it has been inactive for some time I drove the car to Detroit fot the Oldsmobile national event. As with any unmodified Oldsmobile of the 1950's era modern highway speeds are no problem for these cars.The large engine and four speed transmission perform very well on the highway. The interesting thing about this car that it averages 20-21 miles per gallon. This great car now shows 19,400 miles. on the odemeter and I look to put many more on it in the future.Still wears its original interior and paint.The. rear bumper was rechromed as it stuck out of the garage. My one and only true garage/ barn find story.

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