Julie F 1939 Ford Standard Coupe

Ferrari Legacy Thru the Generations

Ahhh, where do I start?! I was born in 1957 into a close-knit Irish/Italian family in San Francisco. Blessed to grow up blocks from the ocean beach during the 1960's provided us with a slower pace & time to enjoy the little things & each other. Having relationships with my grandparents and great-grandparents provided me with a quality of life that included a peek back into a rich family history & their love of autos!

Having the last name of Ferrari, has always intrigued others & has served as an ice-breaker for this shy gal. Our family's income has always had it's roots in the automotive industry! My father and my uncle both owned and operated auto body repair shops in San Francisco, during the era of true craftsmanship...not just replacing new parts!

As rich as we were in love and relationships, in hind-sight I see that we did not have much in the way of money in my early childhood. I received an amazing pedal car when I was four...how I loved that little green jeep with the fold down white windshield! Years later, while taking a coffee break with the men in the body shop, I learned that my dad rescued the car from a junk pile, dented & rusty! He worked on that in his spare time so I could have a special present for that Christmas. Twenty years later...knowing the true story made the memory all the more special.

No surprise when my dad came home one day with a little orange quarter midget race car. It didn't take long for us to evolve into "Ferrari Racing Enterprises". My sister & I held national titles and traveled the western states. Not only did we gain knowledge and skills driving, but we also learned about sportsmanship, courtesy, perseverance...and that not everyone wins!

My uncle was always involved in our day-to-day lives, imparting his love of history and automobiles. His last great passion was to buy a '39 Ford on the east coast. He spent his final years doing a complete restoration from the ground up...right down the a new Chevrolet engine. I had the privilege of being his care giver during his last days. Favorite memory...helping him downstairs to sit in & start up the car, we'd sing songs like Volare' on his Mob Songs CD! He's gone now, but I still have the car, "The Georgie" named after him.

I am now the last to carry the family name, but I've passed on our family legacy to my three daughters. They are all more competent in vehicle knowledge and care that most young men. I've enclosed a picture of The Georgie which includes myself and my middle daughter, Laura. She has always loved her great uncle and that car, so it is only natural that I had to make a special amendment to my will....passing on The Georgie to her!

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. We may have been a humble family, but we are one rich in love & memories!

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