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Fathers day cruise

Its a black beauty, 67 Camaro rs/ss 350 powerful built motor. With lots of chrome and braided hoses. Edlebrock goodies under the hood. It started in 2001 out of the paint booth thought I'd make it a daily driver, but turned out to good for that. Started going to local cruise in and had good time. I decided to take Brenda to a cruise with me and she wanted to go to fathers day cruise in at Pied Piper Pizza where we live. The younger crowd and the older women just went nuts over it. Turning down several offers to buy. I had to tell em that its going to my daughter, this is the car that she and I enjoy together. she helps to keep it clean and shinny at the shows. This will be her remembrance of me whe I pass on. Three years ago we got ready to leave for fathers day cruise and she was getting in the car and I said, what are you doing ?? Your driveing this time, I think she cried the whole way there, LOL trying to keep it on the road, and when we went to enter it

I told her to enter under her name, LOL she had all the girls at the entry table crying too.

I have won a lot of trophies with it but the one trophy that I will remember is when she drove it to the cruise. we now have 13 years of fathers day. ( rain or shine we go ).

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