My story began back in 1958 when I had just ordered a new '58 Chev Impala...just days after I ordered the car I saw pictures of the upcoming 1959 Chev Impala 2 door coupe and immediately fell in love with it. I called the dealership and asked if there was any way I could cancel the order on the 1958 and change it to the 1959 which he graciously said that I could. It was not long after I got the car I met the other love of my life at an A&W Drive In. It wasn't hard impressing the girls with this beautiful car!!! I ended up getting drafted the month I had paid off the loan on the car and the biggest mistake I have made in my life was selling the car when I left for the service. I married the gal I met at A&W when I had the '59 Chev and recently found another 'love' of our life which we restored the 1959 Chev Impala...just celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary still enjoying this beautiful car.

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