Russell M 1973 Chevrolet Nova 2dr Coupe

Everyone Has a Nova Story

When my son was 14 years old we started to look for a Camaro to rebuild, so he could learn about cars and then have something to drive when he turned 16. Well, 68-69 Camaros were to much money. We found a nice 1973 Nova 2dr. that needed a flylwheel, and towed it home. Over the next year we did brakes and tires and intereior and lots of body work. The real fun was rebuilding the engine. It was original to this car so we wanted to save it, and rebuilt it as stock. The day finaly came to put the engine back in and fire it up. He couldn't wait to hook up the exhaust, so we ran it with open headers. He had the biggest smile on his face when that engine started, and you could hear it all down the street. He was the the hit of the school when he drove it to High School that year. That was 24 year ago and he still has that car. The original engine was taken out and stored, and replaced with a GM crarte ZZ4 motor. This car is clean and fast and has lots of memories putting it together just right. Everyone we meet with that car say,"I used to have a Nova", imagin that.


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