Peter C 1970 Porsche 911 E 2dr Coupe

Early morning blast to LRP

My favorite drive took place in my 1970 911 E one early spring morning. I was headed to Lime Rock Part to watch the sport car races My buddies were already there, having previously arrived for practice and qualifying for their respective races. My vintage 911 is small light and agile; perfected suited to the wonderful sinuous roads that follow the Housatonic river south of LRP. Traffic was nonexistent the haze was slowly being burnt of by the rising sun. I had the windows open the air smelt of spring, ( and that unmistakeable vintage car odor; fuel, oil, exhaust) perfectly complemented by the intoxicating flat six " tearing slik" music screaming behind my head as I wound it out rowing through the gears. Simply a perfect drive; one that I'd love to experience again and again!

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