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Each day a new beginning

Living with a car nut is no easy task for a new wife. There is a lifestyle of learning a new language, phone calls day or night, and car parts in your living room. And, there is the acceptance of being part of a culture where combustion meets creativity.

Life takes off from there. I remember the day my husband gifted me his 1965 Comet Caliente Convertible. As his disease progressed, he was the master teacher and I the student. I knew I could never match his expertise, but through prolonged discussions, "tell me what this piece is and how I use it", searching through paperwork, and good old fashioned footwork, the Comet came to a rebirth over a two-year time period. Graced with clues and glimpses of the past, my homework was done through sources and persons around the continent.

It's a beautiful piece of steel on wheels. Strong angular lines, a boxy shape, a soft top. Royal blue in colour and fit for a Queen; it is gutsy, powerful, and fun. Feels marvelous to be at the wheel, to be in control. Feels like he is right beside me.

First drive. Breezy, invigorating, life alterating. I can hear the engine and I know you can hear it too. I get the looks at any speed. I get the feeling he had when he opened it up on the highway, what it felt to like to cruise, what it felt like to be an inseparable man and machine.

There is still work to be done. It is going to take more than just time. It is all part of a new beginning.

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