Gary B 1989 Jaguar XJ-S 2dr Convertible

Dumbest/smartest and never got caught

I was in high school. Approximately 1984. Driving a 69 vw beetle, light blue. It had typical vw problems: windshield wipers wouldn't work unless the radio was on and the brakes were applied. I never could find the problem exactly, but removing the radio did the trick. After driving the car for a few weeks without the radio a friend of mine came across a beer tap handle. So of course being the brilliant kids we were, decided to rig up a bar inside the car. Sealed up the trunk in front with a kiddie pool. Fashioned a 2x4 into a mount for the tap. Hung beer mugs under the glove box. Filled up the pool with ice and a coors party ball. Ran the line through the radio hole and voila...Gary's traveling vw tavern became a hit every Friday and Saturday night. Nothing better than ice cold beer on wheels. Except maybe still having the car!

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