Curt R 1961 Ford Galaxie Starliner 2dr Hardtop Coupe

Driving an original 40 year old car across the country

I have always liked the looks of the 61 Galaxie Starliner but in Ohio they were all full of the tin worm. Found one online in Tacoma Washington. The guy was going to do a 460 upgrade on the one owner original but needed to sell. Transportation from Washington state to Ohio was more than I wanted to spend. Called my step dad to see if he was up for an adventure. Two one way tickets to Seattle along with a bag of tools and I was looking at it. Virtually no red paint on the upper surfaces but no rust either. 50K on the odometer and a 390 under the hood. Three miles to a mall where 4 new tires were put on, a little work in the parking lot behind a parts store changing a loose water pump, replacement of belts and hoses that may have been put on in the Johnson administration and a trip to Jiffy lube for new oil and filter(they even let me look it over in the pit when I told them I was driving it back to Ohio, I had to tell them what filter to use). Everything tight and dry underneath and we were on our way east-in the middle of January. Took it easy the first 500 miles then started picking it up. -22 degrees in Kearny Nebraska but the old gal started just fine in the morning. By the time we got to the Chicago area we were cruising 75-80 passing most of the other cars getting weird looks from other drivers-no wheel covers and no paint looked a bit out of place at 80 on 80. Not one hiccup, no oil used and 16mpg, what a car. The guy I bought it from thought I was nuts for driving it home but I had faith in the the ole 390. I laugh at guys who worry about driving their 60's cars 100 miles to a show. They were made to be driven. I have driven my 55 Merc or 72 Lincoln over 1000 miles in a weekend to go to the St. Ignace Mi show in June and back home again. I love to drive all my old cars, everybody should.

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