angela r 1971 Chevrolet Caprice Kingswood Estate 4dr Station Wagon

Drive-In Movies from the back of a 1971 Caprice Wagon

One of my first memories I can recall happens to be from the back of a 1971 Caprice Station Wagon. I was only 4 when my (much older) sister was asked out her first date. Apparently our parents thought she needed a chaperone, especially at a drive-in movie. I'm not sure why they thought a 4 year old chaperone was the answer but I was happy to tag along.

Apparently her date's car was somewhat of an eyesore, so to impress her he borrowed a friend's brand new 1971 Caprice Station Wagon. Apparently back then a station wagon would impress, either because it was an improvement over whatever vehicle he had or, perhaps station wagons were considered cool in the 70's ??

I honestly can't tell you what movie we saw. What I can tell you is all the fun I had laying on top of my sleeping bag, coloring and playing with my barbies in the back of that roomy station wagon. I remember feeling like I was on a campout. It was a great adventure to that 4 year old!

I also remember an eventful trip to the concession stand wherein my sister's date bought me a soda and some popcorn. The entire walk back he was lecturing and begging me to be very careful with my drink and soda so I wouldn't spill in this brand new, borrowed car. Upon returning to the car I jumped in the back and made myself a comfy picnic area, but when my sister's date sat down in the front seat of the car, he spilled BOTH the popcorn and the drink. Now that's what I call irony!

My sister ended up marrying him, which means this story gets told time and time again at family gatherings. The Caprice story is always followed up by a story about fitting 2 adults, 5 kids, 1 dog and a week's worth of camping equipment in our less glamorous 1975 Ford Pinto, for a 7 hour drive camping trip to Garner State Park.

Lots of fun times have been had in the back of these classic wagons!

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