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Dream Realized

When I was working in Alaska in 1976 I used to drive by the GMC dealer. They had a new GMC Motorhome that was a bright green. I used to admire each day as I drove to work through the snow. As time passed and children came and other of life's duties took center stage I kept the memory of this tucked away. From time to time I would look around for one for sale and dream of owning one.

I didn't have the slightest idea of what that meant in terms of maintenance and care.

After I sold our condo in Boston the memory came back stronger than ever and I started watching for some. I would look at the photos and think if I wanted to buy one or not.

One day I saw one and bid on it half in jest. It turned out I was the only bidder. It also turned out to be the subject of a domestic legal action. I waited to see if my deposit would vanish in a fury of legal fees but one day I got a call to go across the country to pick it up.

My spouse told me to take at least 3 days to bring it home and to stop and smell the roses.

So I took Route 66 home.

Since then we take it out each month April-May through October and enjoy a weekend with a group. I have invested a lot more time and resources than I had planned and being 40 years old, it requires a lot of care. Many other GMC Motorhome owners feel much the same way and have many similar stories.

Maybe that is why after 40 years there are still so many on the road.

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