Toni D Model A

Delight During Alzheimers

During our married life my husband considered buying a Model A many times, but cost or restoration was to costly with raising a family.

But, when my husband turned 65, I bought him a Model A. It was a Shay Car made for the anniversary of the Model A. He had to have a gift that was as old as he was. It is yellow, has the two wheels on either side of the front and has the trunk on the back. Looks like the original and is the catty of Model A's.

He drove that car wherever he went during the summer. We often took the grandchildren on a drive and did the Miss American wave to people along the way. My husband got there attention by blowing the has a very distinct sound. We took it to shows and to family reunions and everywhere else when the sun was shinning.

When my husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and no longer could drive, I took over the wheel and we continued enjoying Sunday afternoon trips. Eventually he had to be placed in a home and on Sundays, I'd take the car and pick him up and we'd go for a ride. He beamed with joy when I arrived. The best part was that we always stopped for a blizzard at the local Dairy Queen before heading back to the home.

These will always be special memories for me and the grandchildren.

I wrote a children's book about our family and grandpa's illness and of course the Model A was a part of this book, as it was an important part in his life.

The car now is used for pleasure and has given many a bride and groom a ride to their reception.

My son can help with sending a picture if that is necessary if chosen for a magazine article.

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