Rob R 1967 Chevrolet Corvette 2dr Coupe

Delayed elation, 44 years later in fact!

In 1967, I purchased a '67 L-88 roadster, Marlboro Maroon/Black Interior. I had the pleasure of racing that fine ride throughout the West Coast into the 1970 season. In that era, we ran high 10's @ over 130 mph. Not to shabby considering we raced on a drag slick that could not exceed 7" wide. We finished in the top 5 in points each year in Division 6, the NW Division. In '67, the L-88 won class at the US Nationals. At that point, I put it back to street trim, and campaigned a 70 and 1/2 Camaro. I drove the L-88 on the street for 5 years in nice weather, it was the ultimate street ride. Had no problem "lighting up those 6.70 x 15 Goodyears.

In 1970, the importance of 1 of 20, '67 L-88's wasn't that big a deal. I sold the Corvette to a friend, who drove it for several years in nice weather only.

44 years later, I got my greatest thrill related to that vehicle. Received a call from Mecum auctions asking me to verify past ownership and drag racing history of that car. I did verify. The car then went across the block at the Dallas TX Mecum Auction this past fall. With total elation and a lot of wonderful racing memories in mind, I watch the restored L-88 sell for $3.2 Million plus fees.

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