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Deja Vu 45 Years Later........

In May of 1961 I was with my parents when they purchased a 1956 Continental Mark II from a local car dealer that my father knew. Dad had sold his 1948 Cadillac convertible to my uncle because he wanted a car with air conditioning, and he loved the looks of the Mark II (he had owned a 1941 Continental years earlier).

My parents argued that night because my Mom loved the Cadillac and wanted to keep it (I realized years later that Mom became very easily attached to certain automobiles). In the end, Dad won the battle and they bought the Mark II which then became our family car. My mom soon came to love it as well, and I will never forget my parents getting dressed up and going to dinner at their favorite restaurant on Long Island in the Continental every Saturday night during my youth. They appeared to be something out of a Hollywood movie, this striking couple in that exquisitely styled Mark II.

Alas, in 1969 my father retired the Continental to my great-aunt's garage where it would lay dormant for the next 33 years. After she passed away in 2002 and her house was sold, the Continental was towed out of the garage and some mechanical work was begun under my father's direction. Incredibly, the car ran well with only the carburetor needing to be rebuilt and no interior engine modifications. Sadly, Dad then passed away in 2003 and my two sisters and I decided to continue a basic restoration, including the exterior which had deteriorated quite a bit over the years. By May 2005 the job was complete and the car was back on the road with our Mom also taking her turn at the wheel after so many years. One weekend not long after, I drove the car out to my summer home on Long Island's east end and on Saturday night my wife and I went out to dinner at our favorite local restaurant. I looked over at her and said "Forty-five years ago my Mom and Dad were sitting in these exact same seats in this actual car on their way to dinner, just as we are now". It was a moment that I will never forget, as the wonderful memories of my childhood flooded through my mind while the warm summer wind ran through our hair as the graceful Continental effortlessly transported us down the road and through time.

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