Cindy R

Daddy's little girl loves Hudsons

I grew up with a father who always had Hudsons and raced them on the track in El Paso Texas. I loved being with my dad. I would sit on the side of his cars as he worked on them just to hand him tools and be with him. He won dozens of races and had several trophies.Some of my friends thought it was odd that my dad had such old cars. Now it's the cool thing to do. I was always proud of my dad's classic cars. My dad passed away 3 years ago. He left a fully restored Hudson to all 3 of his children. I got my favorite a 1954 Hudson Hornet Twin H power, just like he raced when I was a child. One brother got a 1949 Hudson truck and the other a 1947 Hudson coupe. They are all purple my mothers favorite color. Sweet memories of fun with my family. I recently entered my Hudson in a classic car show and won the "peoples choice" award. I love having it, classic cars will always be special to me. I even have my grandmother 1968 Plymouth Fury III. They are 2 smoking hot cars.


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