Jerry M 1949 Ford Deluxe 2dr Coupe


Being basically broke young men in the early 60's and just having enough money to put gas and oil in the old 49 and most of the time it was more of the quarter run off oil than gas, we all used to pool our change, the change that we had made cutting yards, cleaning out barns, hauling hay or whatever honest activity we could come up with to give us enough change to cruise the strip. But on special occasions we would all pool our money and get a dollar together and enough gas to get to the drive in and off we would go, now today I know the people that ran the gate at the drive in had to know we were sneaking in a trunk full of "giggling" young guys when I would pull up and hand him the dollar and away we went, at this time in our lives we thought we were the James gang or someone special because we were breaking the law by sneaking into the drive in. This madness continued through our freshman and sophomore years then something strange happened that ended the trunk full of giggling guys, Yes, you guessed it, the car had to be clean waxed and looking good because now the front seat was occupied by a young lady, And the rest of the story is history, the 49 disappeared, off to the Marines back home to raise a family watch them grow up and go off to college and get married then start their own family, Gosh in some ways it seems so long ago and in other ways it seems like it was just yesterday.

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